This is a guest post from Dakota.


McKenna, Ruthie, and Kanani were ready for the gymnastics finals. They were all best friends, but also competitive gymnasts. They all wanted to win.

First up was Kanani, on bars. She did very well, with a perfect dismount. 

Next was McKenna, she was nervous because she was doing a new combination on the beam, she took off her headphone, took a deep breath, saluted, and jumped up. She did perfectly, then it was time for the dismount, one she had never done in competition, she looked down the length of the beam and calmed herself, she did it! She got a perfect score.

Next is Ruthie on Floor. She was very excited. Her teammates wished her good luck, and she stepped onto the floor. She did a perfect round off-backhand spring, and perfect layout.

Then it was over, the three friends stood together waiting for the judges to announce the winner. MCKENNA WON! The judges placed the medal over her head as she stood on the podium. Kanani came in second, and Ruthie in third. 


Thanks Dakota for this fun photo story!