UPDATE – There are only a few days left in this kickstarter campaign and a new donation level has been added – you can get the original A Girl for All Time doll, Matilda for $60 – now that is a great deal!

Go here for all the details: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/386997744/your-modern-girl-intelligent-dolls-for-todays-girl

Did you see the gorgeous photos we shared earlier this year of the A Girl for All Time – Your Modern Girl dolls? Beautiful, right? Well, now you have your chance to either pre-order them or support this wonderful company on a smaller scale (and still get something cool) through their new Kickstarter campaign.

A Girl for All Time Kickstarter

In addition to information about the two modern dolls, Maya and Nisha, there is some really interesting information about the design process – how does a doll go from a drawing on paper to a doll you hold in your hands – and the history of the A Girl for All Time company.

So which one do you like best?


May is super cute and really reminds me of the original A Girl for All Time character – Matilda.


Honestly, Nisha is just stunning in my opinion – she is probably the prettiest new doll I have seen in a long time and I look forward to adding her to my collection at some point, too.

I know the whole A Girl for All Time team has been working so hard to grow this doll range and provide the highest quality experience from start to finish for their customers.

If you want more information – or just want to learn about the process of bringing a doll to life – be sure to visit their Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/386997744/your-modern-girl-intelligent-dolls-for-todays-girl