I’d like to thank Jessica for taking the time to photograph and send in photos of her Amelia from A Girl for All Time that she won during Victorian Week of Camp Doll Diaries!


When I won the Doll Diaries contest for Amelia from A Girl for All Time, I was so thrilled I immediately purchased Matilda’s cloak, Amelia’s Party Dress and Matilda’s Masked Ballgown. As always, Amelia and all of the clothes are exquisite.
Here is Amelia getting her hair curled. Matilda is wearing her new cloak.
Amelia admires her new party dress as Matilda relaxes in her new ballgown.
Rather than have her hair hang loose, I decided to try a new hairstyle. Amelia has a lot of hair to work with. Here I think I successfully hid the elastic band that holds her hat in place with this hairstyle. You can see just a little bit of it next to her ear.
Thank you again Jessica!