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Matilda is a 16″ doll from A Girl for all Time who is the first in a series of dolls and books that bring English history to life through the eyes of young teens. Matilda’s story is about life in Tudor England where she is convinced nothing exciting will ever happen to her – until one day everything changes!

Matilda Prize Pack

Matilda the doll is different than many of the play dolls we are used to here in the United States. Not only are her clothes historically accurate, but her facial features reflect the time period she if from right down to her serious, solemn expressions. Her Keepsakes and Secrets book is amazing – with drawings, activities and a good mix of history and present day fun that really bridges history in a way that it makes it relevant to girls of today.

A look at Matilda’s very interesting Family Tree in her activity book. Other activities include recipes, Tudor hairstyles, designing your own gowns for Matilda, and creating jewelry with that Tudor vibe (or feel).



One (1) lucky winner will receive the A Girl for all Time Matilda doll, her Matilda’s Secret Book and Matilda’s Keepsakes & Secrets activity book as shown in the photo above.


In order to enter you must leave ONE comment on this post stating that you are entering.

Visit A Girl for All Time to learn more about Matilda and life in Tudor times.

Then send an EMAIL to share@dolldiaries.com with your answers to the following questions:

  1. Matilda is the first doll in the series – name three more time periods in English history that have a doll based on them.
  2. What is Matilda’s family name?
  3. Life in Tudor times was definitely a little less civilized than what we are used to, what was a common remedy for a sore throat in Matilda’s time?
  4. Matilda’s cousin Katherine loved her jewelry – what was her favorite gem stone?

A winner will be selected at RANDOM from the entries that submit all the correct answers. DO NOT POST answers in the comments below, you MUST email them to me.


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