I was so honored to meet Frances,  the creator of  A Girl For All Time, at Toy Fair 2014 and the prototype of  Lydia.  I knew as soon as I saw Lydia that she would come home to me.   Lydia is the 4th in the series of  A Girl for All Time and represents the Georgian Era.  She arrived and she is so beautiful, see if you agree…..

Lydia arrived on Saturday, her packaging is excellent. 

Back of box is simply and provides a little background.

As I carefully unboxed her, I noticed she was very well tied in place and no chance of being detached in shipping. 
Lydia has black hair and dark blue eyes, one of my favorite combinations.

The detail of her light yellow color dress is beautiful.  The contrast of the peach color flowers is perfect.

The complete outfit includes skirt, top with over skirt and hat.

She comes wearing satin shoes and netted knee top socks.

Her undergarments include an undershirt which is long enough to serve as a night gown.  Also she comes wearing breaches that reach down to below the knees.

The brochure shows the extra outfits available for Lydia.  One the left is the Riding outfit and on the right is her Party dress.

Now here is special photo shoot as Lydia leaves her homeland.  She is the first of her generation to leave England ….

As Lydia is getting ready to leave Bristol, England she had to go for a walk.  As she leans against the castle wall, she thinks of her future…

Lydia’s  favorite place, the nearby gate with bars that oversea the beautiful gardens. 

Lydia enjoys the beautiful flowers, will she see them again?

As Lydia continues to walk the grounds a wisp of wind catches her hair and she quickly pushes it off her face.

Lydia finds the perfect spot to sit, as she holds her hat so the wind will not take it.  She wonders will she ever see her beloved Bristol again?  What will she encounter in the New World?

Lydia was amazed on how many questions came to her mind, but she had so few answers…..

Lydia remembered a nearby well and as she sits near the edge, she knows she has to make the perfect wish.

Lydia knows this will be her last time being at the wishing well.  Will the New World have wishing wells?  She so has enjoyed having her wishes come true, so this will have to be a very important wish!

What will be Lydia’s wish?  Can you guess? Is she coming to your home?

Fun Facts:
1. The opinions are that of my own and do note reflect those of Doll Diaries.
2. Lydia was pre-orderd back in July and I am so glad she came early.
3. Lydia as well as her new outfits are now available at the A Girl for All Time website

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