Remember me oohing and ahhing over the next doll in the A Girl for All Time series when we got to see her up close at Toy Fair? Well, she is almost here! 

Lydia is available for pre-order until July 22 at the rate of $109 through the A Girl for All Time US shop.

And a special treat, her is a small excerpt from Lydia’s story, too.

” Ouch and botheration!” Lydia had pricked her finger and a few drops of blood dripped onto the pale yellow of her skirt. She was sitting in the walled garden of their new townhouse and she was feeling strange. Even stranger than usual. She had got used to the idea of probably never seeing home again. England and Bristol were they still even home? She supposed Boston was home now. But even now that her legs had stopped rolling with the memory of being on board ship for weeks and weeks, here she was in the New World and still feeling strange. No friends and nothing familiar – even the star-shaped flowers in the pretty garden were strange. She tried to concentrate on trimming her new yellow hat for church on sunday and to carry her thoughts back to pleasant things. 

There was the intriguing girl she’d seen in town this morning outside the haberdashery store. A girl with caramel-coloured skin and raven hair in two long bound plaits and a dress of glossy leather. She was with her father who was delivering a pile of fur pieces to the back of the shop. The girl had smiled at her, each rolling their eyes at the self-important anxiety of their embarrassing parents as they want about their business. Could she become a friend? She’d seen black-skinned people in Bristol by the docks but not caramel-coloured ones. The girl looked friendly and mischievous and ironic. Maybe she’d go back tomorrow for more silk roses for the hat and see if she were there again. “Ouch. Bothering, blithering needle! “

What do you think? Her story sounds fascinating and the tie in of the US and UK in her story have me intrigued.