A Girl for All Time Clementine Pre Order

Clementine, the new 1940s girl from UK doll company, A Girl for all Time, is now available for pre-order in both the UK and USA online stores.  To pre-order Clementine from the USA shop for $134.99, visit the A Girl for all Time site.

A Girl for all Time Matilda, Amelia and Clementine

I just love this side by side display of all three of the A Girl for all Time dolls. Each of the dolls has a unique face sculpt, however, you can definitely tell they are all from the same line. They are related, but each have their own unique look – a lot like if you were to take family photos from generations and put them side by side. 

Isn’t Clementine’s Party Dress just so much fun? I love the muted shades of pink and purple – and the swiss dot fabric is just so classic!

And here she is in her meet dress with her coat on, too. You can really see her gorgeous green eyes in this photo.

In case you were wondering, the A Girl for all Time dolls are 16″ tall, all vinyl, are poseable and the attention to detail in their clothes and accessories is just flat out amazing! 

I can not wait to add Clementine to my collection – she is just such a gorgeous doll. And I am sure her story will be amazing – the other two, Matilda and Amelia’s, stories were very intense and I had a hard time putting down the books as I read them.