It’s time to walk the dog*! (Insert your favorite pet here.)

Make a pet collar-5

I have a fun collar/leash craft to personalize for your favorite pets!

Make a pet collar-16

With Christmas season here I wanted to create a couple of simple crafts that would be fun for play and would make awesome gifts under the doll’s Christmas tree.

Make a pet collar-6

Let’s get making!


  • felt
  • jewels, beads, sequins, buttons
  • scissors
  • glue
  • velcro (optional)

Make a pet collar-19

Cut 1 strip of felt for the collar.  Make it wide enough to fit the embellishments and long enough to go around your pet’s neck and overlap a little.  Cut it to the right length.

Cut a thin strip of felt for the leash.  Fold the end around your dolls hand and glue it in place to make a loop.  This will be the handle for the leash.

Make a pet collar-20

Decorate the collar with jewels, beads, buttons or sequins.  Be sure to leave a little space at the ends where the collar overlaps.  Add velcro to the ends so you can take the collar off and on.

Make a pet collar-17

Ours says Daz.  That’s short for dazzle, a fun short word to go with this sparkly collar.

Make a pet collar-15

This collar really sparkles and shines!

Make a pet collar-14

Attach the leash to the back of the collar with velcro or glue.  Since you fit the loop on the leash to your dolls hand you can slip it on and she can take her pet for a walk.

Make a pet collar-10

I love how this craft can be personalized depending on what you use to decorate the collar!

Make a pet collar-13

Make a few for your favorite pets around the dollhouse.  Wrap them up for a perfect Christmas present under the doll’s tree!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

  • DollSamantha is a Beforever doll from American Girl.
  • Outfit- Denim Jacket is from Springfield Collection and refashioned here.  Skirt and shoes are from Grace’s meet outfit.  Scarf tutorial is here.
  • Scene-Reverible Playscene: Sweet Shoppe is here.

Craft and Play!