McKenna is ready to go to outdoor movie night, all bundled up in green with her Frankenstein pillow in hand.  The green wrap she is wearing is actually a t-shirt scarf for a real sized person wrapped around a few times and tied in a know.  It works like a charm to create a doll wrap.  The pillow was made in a few quick steps.

Here is what you will need.:

Felt (Green and Black), Embroidery Floss (Green and Black) and Needle, Scissors, 2 Black Buttons, Stuffing


Here is how to make the pillow!:

Step 1 – Cut a piece of green felt 4 inches by 8 inches long then cut a piece of black 4 inches by two inches and lay it over one of the green ends.

Step 2 – Fold the green in half and stitch it shut, leaving a little area to turn it inside out.

Step 3– Turn the pillow inside out and stuff it then sew it shut.

Step 4– Cut the top of the black felt to make spiked hair.

Step 5– Stitch a head wound with black floss an and a mouth with black floss.

Step 6– Stitch the buttons on for eyes.

Step 7– Put one stitch in the hair to attach it to the forehead.

You are all done.  Your pillow is a fun way to decorate your doll’s room for Halloween as well as a great take-along for a scary movie party.

Happy Creating,