There are times when you find the unexpected and this is a story of a found lost treasure. Maybe you too have come across her in the wonderful world of dolls.

My little girls are so well behaved.  They have finished their homework and are playing a 3D Tic Tac Toe come.  They were so concentrated in their next move that they did not hear Dell come in.  Dell said,  “Hi, I brought a new friend to play with us.”

Dell was very courtious and introduced, MaryLee.   MaryLee just moved in next door from Virginia,  she is very happy to meet new friends.

So who is she?  What is her history?

Let’s take a look….

She was part of a collection of 14″ dolls by Mission City Press, the same company that released the Life of Faith Collection.  This collection was called Faith & Friends,  the the girl was able to select a doll,  name her and write a story about the doll.   Here is a link for more information, of course they are no longer in business.

This is True Blue as she was called on the website and now she is MaryLee from Virginia.  She is all vinyl and very well jointed at the shoulders and legs,  as well as her head.  She can move her head in all directions.   Her outfits is very well made including shoes and socks.

Even her undergarment is pretty and can be used as a top and shorts.

A closer look at her face. She has freckles and the most beautiful green eyes with red hair.

MaryLee has found a BFF in her new home.  She will now be a Georgia Girl!

Fun Facts:
1. MaryLee was found at Goodwill for $1.21 , she is in mint condition.
2. The girls playing Tic Tac Toe are Corolle dolls from my collection.
3. The backdrop is American Doll Room set up as a play room.
4. The pets and furniture are from my doll collection.
5. Dell is a Hearts4Hearts doll.

Do you own any of the other dolls in this collection?