Did you go to the debut of the American Girl GOTY Lea Clark today? We went and while we have been to the past few debuts, this one seemed crazier than ones in the past. I am not sure if it had to do with how the displays were set up or what, but the AG DC store was crowded, making it very difficult to take good photos.

American Girl GOTY Lea Clark

As always, a visit to an AG store means meeting up with friends. What a fun surprise to run into a few Doll Diaries regulars (SewBig and Melangell) just as we walked in the door!

American Girl GOTY Lea Clark

Lea in her Bahia outfit with her fruit stand in the background. With the crowds at the store it was really hard to get good close ups of all the parts of her collection. The fruit stand is probably my favorite piece from her collection.

American Girl GOTY Lea Clark

Another look at her Bahia outfit. It was fun to see all the different hairstyles that the staff had styled Lea’s hair for each of the various displays.

American Girl GOTY Lea Clark

Lea’s Ocean Kayak and accessories. This set is cute, but nothing super original or even a must have.


Lea’s story is very animal friendly and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is the charity for her collection. This is Lea’s Margay Cat.


The Sea Turtle


And the one I expect will sell best – the Three Toed Sloth. The paws have velcro so the sloth can “hang” on to Lea’s rainforest house or her arm.


Here is a better look at the sloth and Lea’s rainforest inspired PJs. I think the pjs are pretty cute – if we get any of her collection, the pjs will probably be on the list.


At the Sweet Treats Bar they had Lea cookies and Lea inspired candy and cookies you can purchase.

If you visited an American Girl store today or will be visiting over the weekend and want to share your photos with us, email them to me at share@dolldiaires.com. I would love to share more photos of her collection and the other new items in store!