A Few Insights from our Survey

Doll Diaries Survey

Here we have the Doll Diaries survey analysis team hard at work reading over every single answer that was sent in. As you can see Ellowyne is in charge and looking very serious and Hadley is up to her usual antics because that girl can not sit still! Chrissa is there representing the American Girls of today while Kirsten is making sure nothing about the historical characters gets missed. McKayla was invited to this session on behalf of all the other dolls as they are some of the most loyal friends a doll can have.

So, what did we learn?

  • The Doll Diaries readership lives up to its name! We literally have a community of doll lovers of ALL age groups! I was impressed by the number of survey participants that are 12 and under and the ones that are over 46. And of course, there are readers of every age group in between. I encourage our readers to participate in the conversations and leave comments when you feel compelled. Be respectful and kind – and join in!
  • The question “Do you feel that Doll Diaries is a safe and positive place for girls of all ages to share their interest in dolls?” was answered unanimously YES! You have no idea how good that makes me feel! I work very hard to ensure that inappropriate words and behavior do not make it into the comments. I read EVERY comment left on the site, too.
  • The overwhelming majority of you collect 18″ play dolls like American Girl and similar brands. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many of you are interested in fashion dolls, pose-able dolls and smaller play dolls (like BFC, Hearts for Hearts, etc).
  • Some of you think the site is easy to navigate and some of you don’t. Basically the posts on the home page are the most recent additions to the site. If you are looking to just browse a topic, click on the tabs at the top or the categories listed on the bottom of the sidebar. And, if you are looking for something very specific, the search bar is in the upper right corner above the My Doll’s Life ad. If you have other questions about how to find things on the site, just ask! And for those of you who left specific suggestions, they have been noted and may be incorporated in future design updates.
  • There is quite a bit of interest in being able to buy Doll Diaries t-shirts for dolls or an exclusive Doll Diaries outfit. While this is not an option right now, it may be available in limited quantities in the future. I do not want to get into the doll clothing business, but think it would be fun to have limited edition Doll Diaries pieces available from time to time.

Answers to some common questions:

  • Why do I have to leave my email address to comment? First of all, we do not share your email address with anyone without your consent. Second, that email address is what makes you, YOU. We could have 10 girls named SuzieQ leaving comments and the system would not know who was who without an email address. The little graphic (called a gravatar) that shows up next to your name is unique to your name and email combination.  So if you decide to post from a different email address, then your little icon will change and your comment will go into moderation. It doesn’t do you any good to create a persona for each of your dolls or pretend friends and have a conversation with yourself. My software figures that out, plus its just weird.
  • Do I have you use my real name? Absolutely not!! As a matter of fact, using your first name only or a nickname is best – especially if you are under 13. You don’t need to give out any personal information.
  • Why do readers who are 13 and under have to ask permission from a parent to comment or get a parent to enter giveaways for them? That is a standard internet rule, not mine. It is however, for your own protection, and some higher governmental authority has decided that 13 is the magic number. Really, if you are under 18 and online, your parents should know what sites you are interacting with and why. It’s just common sense (this is coming from a Mom of three, remember). My kids will tell you that the more they let me know what they do online and are open about it, the more of my trust they gain.
  • How about a Doll Diaries forum where we can have our own profiles? Some of you may remember there was a Doll Diaries forum very briefly a few years ago. I quickly found out that it was too much work to moderate the forum and keep putting up quality posts on the site. There are other doll forums out there already and I don’t think it would really benefit any of us for me to add one more to the mix.

I do want to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for all the amazing comments, suggestions and input you gave in the survey! Of course there was a lot more information in the responses than I just shared, but I don’t want to bore you all! Look for some of the suggestions to start appearing in coming weeks and thanks again – you are the best!

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  1. Princess Belle says:

    Thanks for this post, I was wondering if you guys actually read ALL of the surveys, because that would most likely be a ton! 😀

  2. It was a ton!! But I read every answer and have made lots of notes for things to add, change, keep the same and keep in mind. I appreciate every single one of you!

  3. Thank you for all you do.

  4. Umm… Could we upload our own gravatar?

  5. If you go to gravatar.com and register using the same name/email combo you use here, you can upload your photo. It takes anywhere from 30 min to 2 days before your gravatar starts showing up, but once it does you don’t have to think about it again.

  6. Thanks for taking all of us into consideration Char. I’m glad the survey was helpful and will make this site better for all of us who love and care about our dolls. :o)

  7. lol picture char!

  8. I hope doll diaries t-shirts come out soon! I’d love to buy one for my dolls!

  9. Caitlin says:

    Who won?

  10. Avalon says:

    Doll diaries is so cool ! I would like to thank you for all that you have done ! People have made fun of me becuz I like dolls but you have taught me that dolls are really cool ! Thank you again !

  11. Caitlin – look for the link to the survey under the giveaways section of the sidebar, then jump over to that post. They are listed. Unfortunately only one of the three winners has responded to my email.

  12. Isabella says:

    We love you to! <3

  13. Caitlin says:

    Oh ok! Congratz people that won!

  14. No, u are the best!!!

  15. awesome!!

  16. I had so much fun taking the survey! I love surveys, they’re so much fun!

  17. alicia says:

    who won the last survey?

  18. Katie, Lissy and Love2Read but I have only heard back from Lissy so far

  19. marcie91 says:

    I was wondering about the forum question, thanks for the answer.

  20. This is an awesome site Char. :) I’m always discovering new dolls. And when a friend asks me how did you find out about that place I say “Doll diaries told me. ” Thanks so much Char for making this site. If it wasn’t for this site I only would like one doll place American girl. I love going to this site and posting comments and finding out all the latest news in the doll world. I know I’m new but this is my favorite doll blog. :) Also I forgot to tell you when the contest was still going on. But I took the survey. I know it’s too late to win but I thought I should tell you.

  21. Char, for the exclusive Doll Diaries outfit, you could have a design contest. People could send in photos of their designed outfits.

  22. I don’t remember if said this in the survey, but doll diaries keeps showing “internet explorer cannot display the webpage”. It is a little annoying, esp. if I want to do a craft or look at doll pictures. :(

  23. Kirren – when you get that message, try clearing the browser cache (hold down the shift key while you click refresh). It seems to fix the issue for most people.

  24. daniella says:

    its so cute

  25. Char- Thank you! I’ve been having that problem! Thank You so much!

  26. i love your site so much! i like the crafts the best. you should do a daily craft!!

  27. granof4 says:

    Avalon: I’m sorry to hear people make fun of your interest in dolls. Paying no attention to them may be good advice, but it still stings to be misunderstood. Dolls are a wonderful hobby that can interst you for a lifetime and change and grow in different directions with you. Don’t let anyone take that joy away from you. I’m so glad you are part of D.D. and I hope dolls remain a cool thing in your life!

  28. granof4 says:

    Ellowyne’s in charge! I love it Char! Thank-you again for doing Doll Diaries. We can’t say it enough!