One thing we seem to have all learned is that many everyday objects can easily be repurposed in to doll play items! I have had a few fun finds sent in recently  that I though I would share with you:

Diana went to Michael’s, looking for the AG craft clearance  but most was gone..;-(  Oh but the trip was not wasted, instead she found the pink mini desk set for $3.00 with 50% off coupon it was $1.50, it comes with mini stapler, scissors, stables, tape and pink highlighter, perfect for the school teacher.  She also found the mini nutcracker for .25 cents marked down from $1.00, got several of these for next year.  The last items were the mini lollipop ornaments, which she plans to remove the sticks and wrap in clear plastic and make mint candies for the girls.

Next Stop Target, Diana went looking for Christmas mittens that were ornaments, but no luck, hardly anything was left, but it did not stop her from digging and look at what she found instead, cute knit boots.  These were .10 cents each and they too were ornaments but since they did not have a left or right to them, she figured it should fit and they do.  Diana was able to dig and found 7 pairs, some in red like the picture and others in white with red designs.

S also found this princess jewelery box for $11, marked down from $22.  It makes a great dresser for the girls.  It has two large drawers and the top can be just a counter top. Target had a $5 gift card if you bought two detergents, and she needed the detergent so she bought two and got the gift card, which she used to purchase the dresser, so the dresser ended up costing $6.

Last stop was Walmart, where Diana went looking for some pink cowgirl boots for Saige, but no luck, instead she found a chandelier which holds candles.  This was marked down to .75 cents from $1.00, also she  found a cute pail for .97 cents, which she will use for Caroline when she goes gets water from the well.  The last item are these cute colorful paint brushes for $1.97, Diana will cut these down and use them for Picasso, the horse, so he can paint, the color is in the brush….no mess…:-)

Madelon found a pink cowboy hat for $1 at Walmart as part of the My Life doll line.

Of course, McKenna looks adorable in it!

And Madelon found this cute princess dress at Cracker Barrel – of all places! It would be perfect on Bitty Baby with the embroidered princesses.

So, always keep your eyes open – you never know what good deals you might find.