Sometimes taking an old pair of jeans and white t-shirt and recreating them into a new outfit makes me hoppy!  I recently created this outfit for our dolls to add to their always growing fashionable wardrobe.  I used jeans and shirt already in hand in addition to ribbon, felt and embroidery floss.  We do this with lots of things in our house…old backpacks, dish towels and other random items as we discover them in need of a makeover.

The first thing to stitch on is your ribbon for the stem and petals of the flower.  Then cut out a small circle for your flower bud and stitch it on to the jeans with embroidery floss.

I cut a piece of felt for for the frog body and stitched it to the shirt with matching floss.  Then I stitched the frogs’ legs with a darker green and added stitched eyes.

To make the fringe on the shirt, stitch ribbon loops at whatever length you like.

Happy Fashion Creating,