This is a guest post from Jessalyn.


Today, 3 lucky campers were taken by 2 counselors on a trip to a nearby lake! Once they arrived, they realized the weather wasn’t the best. However, they found plenty of things to do despite the storm clouds overhead.

Alyssa and Miss Amanda talked about their first week at camp. They both agreed it had gone very well.

A few feet away, Julia could be found catching up on her reading. She was really into “Meet Molly”!

At the gardens, Miss Sarah taught Jenna about plants that were indigenous to the area. Since Jenna wanted to become a botanist when she got older, she enjoyed Miss Sarah’s knowledge of plants.

After a while, the girls decided to relax on the large raft floating around the lake. They talked, relaxed, and Alyssa even took a nap!

Even though the water was freezing, Julia convinced Alyssa to join her in swimming in the shallow end of the lake.

Alyssa had more fun than she thought she would!

As the two girls dried off, it started to sprinkle.

“Campers, grab your belongings!” Miss Sarah shouted.

Before they left, they had time to take a group picture to commemorate their special day.

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