This is a guest post/photo story by one of our Doll Diaries readers – Victoria who is 9 years old. Enjoy.


With all the snow days we’ve been having we decided to create a dance story for you! I love dance and dance all the time. This year our team is going to Disney to dance on stage! I cannot wait. So I decided to recreate some of our team dances with my doll friends.

Consuela and Lily wanted to go see a show. They decided to get tickets for the dance talent show, Molly and Co. were putting on.

They took their seat with Angelina and grabbed some popcorn and a program.

The Nutcracker came out to announce the first act! She was funny and got the girls excited about the show!


The first act was Lola, she danced ballet to a song from Tangled.


Next Josefina did a Hip hop number! The girls thought she was amazing and had fun dancing along!


Of course Molly performed a Tap number! She was Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious!


Emily dazzled everyone in her ballet solo! She danced so lovely! Look at her turnout!


Anne Marie Claire (aka Nikki) jazzed everyone with her jazz number, dancing to songs from Disney’s Pirate Movies!


The final number the girls grooved and moved to a Teen Beach Medley! They had a blast!


Encore, Encore….Bravo…Bravo!

Thanks for inspiring us with all your photo story! I just received Isabelle for my birthday and can’t wait to do another photo story with her soon! Happy Snow Day!

Victoria, age 9


Thank you Victoria for the sweet photo story!