Along with Isabelle, this month my older daughter Megan made her dance debut – well, sort of. She took dance as a little girl as part of her competitive gymnastics training and yesterday was her first day back in the studio. We even found out that one of her teachers was her dance teacher when she was a gymnast – whoah – how cool is that? Anyhow, we had to go to the dance store to pick up a few things and while we were there I noticed they were selling crocheted ballet bun covers!  Now, Isabelle needs one of those!!

Crocheted ballet bun for American Girl Dolls

Remember the pink fingerless gloves (wrist warmers) I made in December? I didn’t know Isabelle would have a pair in her collection!

Crocheted ballet bun for American Girl Dolls

Inspired by the dance store ballet bun covers, I came home, looked up a few crochet patterns online, found the Red Heart Sparkle yarn to match Isabelle’s gloves and set out to make her a bun cover. EASY PEASY! It took me longer to get Isabelle’s hair into the bun using the hair accessory in her dance case than it did to make the bun cover. 

Crocheted ballet bun for American Girl Dolls

The pattern I ended up using was the All Too Perfect Bun Cover – and instead of crocheting 8 rounds and then the finishing round, I just did 7 for Isabelle. I probably could have gotten away with 6. The great part about that pattern is that depending on the size of the bun you need to cover you just add or subtract rounds before the finishing round. I did work the elastic in to the finishing round which was easier than expected.

Crochet a ballet bun cover for dolls

And 1-2-3-4-5 hold…..

I am definitely going to make a few more of these using different color combinations and different yarn weights to see what I can come up with. Next, I think she needs matching leg warmers – what do you think?