The idea for this project started when my daughters and I were watching the Anne of Green Gables movies.  They thought the part of the movie when the Pringles girls put the fireworks in the wood stove in Anne’s classroom was hilarious.  Soon after watching this, my daughters asked me to make them a wood stove so they could play out the movie with their dolls.  Here is what I came up with….

Supplies used:

  • Paper mache tissue box cover
  • 2 square wood plaques
  • 4 wood vases
  • Decorative die-cut
  • Sturdy paper tube (this was from tin foil) 
  • Battery operated tea light candle

First I traced a square on the front of the tissue box the size of the decorative die-cut.  Using an x-acto knife I cut out the square.  I used Krylon craft paint in a Hammered Black finish and spray painted all of the pieces.  Then, I hot glued a square plaque to the top and bottom.  The vases were turned upside down and glued to the bottom for legs.  The decorative die-cut was glued to the front.  The tube was cut at an angle with a serrated knife to make two angled pieces; those pieces were glued together, spray painted, and glued to the top of the stove.  Using a black sharpie I colored a battery operated tea light candle and placed it inside the stove for a flame.  All of these supplies can be found at Michael’s craft store.  You could also easily make this stove out of a recycled tissue box and cardboard from cereal boxes.

To make the scene even cozier, I found a 3 inch embroidery hoop that is a perfect doll size.  I found a beautiful peacock embroidery picture on a Google search.  Using Transfer Magic Paper I printed and ironed on the image to a remnant of white fabric.  The mini wooden spools were found at Michael’s craft store; each of these were wound with embroidery thread and glued in place.  A small tote was decorated with rick-rack and buttons to make a sewing bag.  A pin cushion was made out of a small Styrofoam ball that was painted with pink puffy fabric paint and a decorative green top was made out of foam paper.  A green sharpie was used for details.  Needles were made out of cut down tooth picks.  A black sharpie was used to place a small dot for the needle eye.  Remnants of fabric were cut down and folded.  The scissors were found in a purse sewing kit in the dollar bins at Michael’s.

This craft would not be complete without making a box of fireworks for my daughter’s Anne of Green Gables doll.  I used a large straw and cut it down into 1 inch pieces.  Each piece was wrapped in green tissue paper and twine.  The fireworks were placed in a white box to resemble the donut box from the books and movie.

I wish my daughters and I had come up with this idea during the winter months…but none the less they are still so excited with their set.  Enjoy!