As the holidays approach around the corner,  there a few new Holiday Dresses that would surprise you , let’s take a look…

When I saw the Bitty Baby Holiday outfit I pictured it on  my AG MAG doll, Maggie.  The PWP available at AG was going to be for Isabelle. 

I really like the details of this dress and how well it fits the 18 inch Doll.  I love the color and the shoes fit perfect.

It comes with a headband with a snowflake that matches the dress.

I close up look at Maggie, her eyes sparkle with the color of this dress.  The sleeves are 3/4 on the 18 inch doll, instead of the full long sleeve.

The PWP (purchase with purchase) is just a very simply but very pretty dress.  Isabelle fell in love with it and she had to model it.

A close up of Isabelle, the sparkling bow matching the bow on the headband. 

The sparkling theme continues down to the shoes.  These are the perfect shoes for this outfit.

Our Generation has been slow in releasing their Holiday outfits but I managed to find these two.

When I first saw this light pink coat, I knew it was a must have for Samantha.  It comes with a rhinestone headband, black shoes, socks, purse and coat.

What I really wanted to know is would it fit over dresses?  It never makes sense to me to have coats that can not fit over existing dresses.  So I tested it, over Samantha’s meet dress.

The detail lace over the light pink coat is definitely something I can see Samantha wearing in her era.

Another simply but complete holiday dress is from Our Generation.  Dabbie had to model this one, and it goes great with her complexion.  This outfit comes with a hair bow, purse, bracelet, short animal jacket, sparkling gold shoes  and a very nice light peach dress.  For those trying to get away from too much pink, this is a perfect alternative.

A close up of the dress shows the detail of the tulle that is used as the top layer to the light peach material.  I really like this outfit and the price is perfect.

Are you adding to your doll’s holiday wardrobe?  Are these on your list?

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