Do we have any Little House on the Prairie fans out there?? I know we do and many of you are very excited for the new Laura Ingalls doll by The Queen’s Treasures that was inspired by the books and shows.

I saw the 18″ play doll version of Laura while I was at Toy Fair and I got some cute photos, but The Queen’s Treasures decided that Laura needed to come visit. This is the same Laura doll that was at Toy Fair and she was sent to me on loan – she is headed back now. She is also a PROTOTYPE, which means she is close to what her final version will be, but changes may still be made between not and when the production starts. For example, her eye color will be changing to a blue to better match her character.

Little House on the Prairie Laura Doll

Here is Laura resting on her bed. Her doll box is designed to turn into a bed and comes with a quilt and pillow as well She also comes with her own doll.

Little House on the Prairie Laura Doll

I like how she has a very different face than many of the other 18″ dolls – the more variety we have in the marketplace, the better as far as I am concerned.


And with her doll… awww, so sweet!! Laura’s hair is so shiny and smooth – it looks beautiful in the braids.

Little House on the Prairie Laura Doll

Here is another look at how her box becomes her bed.


Laura’s body is soft with vinyl limbs and shoulders.

Little House on the Prairie Laura Doll

Now that the sun is up, it is time to do chores! In addition to the Laura doll, The Queen’s Treasures has released a full line of Little House on the Prairie accessories too. Isn’t the butter churner just too cute.

Little House on the Prairie Laura Doll

Stay tuned for a closer look at some of the accessory sets and the covered wagon, too!

I am looking forward to seeing the doll in her final post-production form. Expected availability date is late summer, early fall for the doll. The rest of the collection is in stock at The Queen’s Treasures now.

Thank you to The Queen’s Treasures for giving us the opportunity to take a closer look at Laura!!