A Closer Look at the Limited Edition Gotz Dolls at PBKids

The Gotz (Goetz, Götz) company has been making dolls since 1950 and they made the first vinyl play doll in 1957. They still sell their high quality 18″ play dolls and the easiest place to get them in the United States is through the Pottery Barn Kids retail stores and web site. PBKids has been selling an exclusive line of 18″ play dolls made by Gotz for a few years now. I visited a PBKids store on Sunday when we went to the American Girl store at Tyson’s Corner (DC) so I could get a closer look at their new limited edition girls of the world line, their 18″ boy doll and their minis.

  Gotz PBKids Mei from China doll

This is Mei from China complete with her cute panda.

Gotz PBKids Mei from China doll

And a close up of Mei’s sweet little face!

Gotz PBKids Carmen from Mexico

Sweet Carmen from Mexico has a puppy (I thought it was a lamb at first).

Gotz PBKids Carmen from Mexico

Carmen has a different face that is also super sweet!

Gotz doll Prita from India

This is Prita from India and she has a pet monkey it looks like.

Gotz doll Prita from India

The close up of Prita gives you a really good idea of the level of detail in their face molds, paint and accessories.

Gotz doll Zola from Kenya

Zola is the doll from Kenya who has a pet leopard. She has got the sweetest little face – it reminds me a little bit of Bitty Baby’s face.

Gotz doll Zola from Kenya

I just love the colors in her outfit, too! 

Gotz 18" boy doll PBKids

I know there was a lot of interest in the 18″ boy doll that was shown on the PBKids site. This is Henry and I think he looks like the perfect little brother (maybe 6-7 years old) for the American Girl and other 18″ dolls.

Gotz 18" boy doll PBKids

A close up from a different angle gives you a better look at Henry. While the limited edition Gotz dolls are $99, Henry and the other regular line 18″ girl dolls are $89.

Gotz Penelope

Another limited edition Gotz doll we saw at the PBKids store was Limited Edition Penenlope in her equestrian outfit. Had I not just bought Ruthie, I would have definitely considered Penelope!  Although we might have to change her name since Natalie’s Bitty Baby has been named Penelope for years.

The Gotz minis were in their boxes on the shelf and I just love their little dresses and purses. They are 6.5″ tall and were $22 each. 

These dolls are all very high quality and make a good friend for your other 18″ dolls, too!




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  1. The Chinese one is so cute!

  2. Second. I like the one in purple

  3. I adore the minis, though, for that price, I might as well get an AG with a more detailed and better quality outfit. Still, cute! Maybe the dark-skinned one could be a Just Like You for my MyAG Anna….

  4. Also, does Prita have a pixie cut? It kinda looks like it!

  5. I’m asking for Camern! hopefully I’ll get her soon! 😀

  6. cool I love that their from diferent places

  7. They’re all so cute. But they do look young like 6 or 7, which is why I opted for the customized Battat boy doll. He’s awfully cute, and doesn’t look at all like other Our Generation Battat dolls. I’ll take pics when I get him.

  8. StoryTeller says:

    They’re pretty cute! I think my favorite is the Kenyan girl.

    Has the winner of the doll leotard been announced yet? I didn’t see it listed with the giveaways, but I’ve been watching for it and haven’t seen it. I may have just missed it, though.

  9. StoryTeller says:

    Char– Oops, never mind. I just found it. Congratulations, Caeli! And congratulations to Kara/Macs for winning the doll sweater!

  10. I still think mei from china is the cutest of them all!

  11. My favorite is Carmen or Mei still. I like them but my Bitties are and always will be my little guys. Also a question, does anyone have MyAG 23 (brown hair, blue eyes, freckles)? I’m considering getting either her, Saige or Cecile.

  12. Claire M. says:

    Henry is just so cute!! I agree that he would be the perfect little brother for AG dolls!! Again SO cute!!
    PS: I would LOVE if someone would find that RETIRED JOSEFINA OUTFIT!! Thanks guys!!
    PPS: Pleeeaase do a review/giveaway for Henry!!

  13. Wow, they are much prettier close up. Have you talked to the company about maybe sponsoring a giveaway?? I know that a lot of your readers will be very happy if you can get a giveaway. My first choices would be Henry, Zola or Prita

  14. Wow, they are so pretty up close. They have the cutest faces. Hmmm…. Thinking about Henry too bad I can’t have more dolls :(

  15. They are all so cute. I just love the details in their faces. Penelope would look right at home on my shelf. I might have to order her.

  16. cute, with those minis my AG dolls could have a wide variety of dolls!

  17. We love the Gotz dolls here at My Doll Boutique, so pleased to hear they are popular in the USA too!

  18. First time poster. I have been enjoying your very informative blog. Thank you so much!

    My most favorite is Zola and second favorite is Carmen. Zola seems to have the same sculpt as Maya’s. How about Carmen? Does she have the same sculpt as the main line PB kids’ one like Marienne?

  19. nichole trexler says:

    I was wondering where Sharri A. got her personalized Battat boy doll? If you could post I’d greatly appreciate it!!

  20. I got a yet another question. Does Mei have the same sculpt as Kimberly from the Precious Day Collection? I can tell that Zola’s sculpt is the same as Alicia’s from the Precious Day Collection, but I am not so sure about Mei. I would be mightly interested in Mei if her sculpt were identical as Kimberly’s one.