A Closer Look at Some of the New American Girl Hair Add-Ons

Madelon visited the American Girl DC store again and this time she is giving us a closer look at the new hair accessories.

American Girl Hair Accessories

This is the “Chic Bun” hair add-on.  That is crazy huge!

American Girl Hair Accessories

Now the braided headband is sweet – just like the “Be Yourself” tee you can make at the store.

American Girl Hair Accessories

How do you like the purple hair extension?

American Girl Hair Accessories

The curly ponytail is so long and the placement of the pink hair extension looks somewhat random.

American Girl Hair Accessories

The blonde curly ponytail kind of looks like something Barbara Eden would have worn in the classic TV show “I Dream of Jeanie.”

American Girl Hair Accessories

All the hair accessories in their packaging.

American Girl Hair Accessories

And more hair accessories.

Of all the new hair accessories, the braided headband is about the only one I really like. What about you?

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  1. Lisa Rose (Formerly Lisa) says:

    I love the long curly ponytails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anastasia says:

    I agree with you, Char. The braided headbands are probably the only hair add-ons that I like.

  3. The braided headbands and colored extensions are nice. I’m not a fan of the bun and ponytail.

  4. I only like the braided headband

  5. Juliet XD says:

    tarynn- sorry, i am always getting the different blondes and reds mixed up. ( ^ ;

  6. sabrina says:

    The color extensions are cute! What colors do they come in besides pink and purple?

  7. sabrina says:

    I agree with you char

  8. I like the colored highlights.

  9. Juliet-You don’t have to apologize! On the AG Website, the hair looks McKenna-coloured, I think because of the lighting.
    I think the hair buns are too big, they look unnatural. The ponytails are kind of long, but would be fun for Toddlers & Tiaras reenactments. The braided hairpieces are just like the one in Caroline’s Holiday Dress. I guess AG figured out they were on to something when her outfit sold well. I like the hair extensions, but they are overpriced.

  10. Karen K says:

    I agree. I only like the braided headband. The bun is too big and the ponytail is way too long. I can only imagine a child having to brush that ponytail and what ti would look like after a few uses.

  11. I like the braided headband and the highlights. Very cute.

  12. Mackenzie says:

    your right about the i dream of jeanie ponytail! ( I love that show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  13. Cindy Y. says:

    We LOVE the colored highlight extensions and the long curly ponytails! My daughter bought the colored ext. and the caramel ponytail. I bought the dark brown ponytail.
    We don’t like the buns-too large and have heard bad reviews. The braided headband is cute, but I’ve also heard bad reviews on it.

  14. I’d have to see these in person to decide for sure what I like… but I must say I think the price is a little high.

  15. i like the curly Ponytail. but i like all of them. the “Chic’ bun is big with that style.

  16. Does Madelon have a blog?

  17. Love the color highlight extensions! The pink was not placed well, but the purple looked great.
    Not a fan of the bun…too big.
    the braided headband sits back a bit far, but is cute.
    The blonde ponytail looked better than the dark as it is placed higher on the doll…I completely agree I thought of Jeannie when I saw it too.

  18. No, Madelon and Diana do not have blogs – they are awesome contributors to our site though!

  19. americangirl413 says:

    i like the Extensions, the braided headband, and the ppnytail, but i do have to agree with you- the bun is very big! If it was smaller, i would of liked it, but i dont……

  20. iloveag says:

    I like just the braid headband and the ponytail

  21. I like the colored extensions, and I kind of like the braided headbands.

  22. I LIKE ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Kathryn says:

    I don’t like any of the hair extensions. I think they look fake.

  24. StoryTeller says:

    I definitely like the braided headbands, and even though the buns are huge, I’ll probably get one for Elizabeth.

  25. That bun is too huge! The ponytails, braided headbands and colored extensions are OK, but not great.

  26. Thanks Char. They rock so I wanted to know.

  27. Chloe M. says:

    The huge bun and ponytails made me think of the crazy big 80’s hairstyles!

  28. I agree with Char too! I DO NOT like the buns…they are HUGE!!!! I only like the braided headband

  29. Emmalee says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the bun looks like a snooki poof?

  30. AG LOVER says:

    I like everything, but some hair exctension colours wouldn’t look good on my my AG #39

  31. I totally love the bun. The hair extensions are cute as well as the headband. And the pony tail would be better if you cut it. In the picture the bun looks really big, but in the American Girl catalog it looks great, and it also looks great in the tutorial for doll-do’s @ americangirl.com . Also I think the bun would protect your doll’s hair. If I had this for Caroline she would still have her ringlet curls. I am thinking about getting MAG #55 and really want to protect her curls. If anyone gets the bun could you please do a review on it?

  32. Vivi – I have the chic bun and the braided headband. There is a photo in the last Sunday Showcase showing my two dolls wearing them. The photo is the last one in the post.

    The braid was a little tight and took some time to get on, but it looks great! The tutorial makes it look a lot easier than it is.

    Love the chic bun! I don’t think it is too big at all. If your doll has long hair the bun needs to be that size so you can get her hair inside the bun. The bun has two combs that attach the bun to the doll’s head.


  34. i so like it

  35. so cute i love it! do they sell them on their website?

  36. @Emmalee your right 😀

  37. Hannah Hopkins says:

    I like the ponytail but I would not get it

  38. I do NOT like the buns- they are huge.

    I like the colored extensions, though!

  39. Victoria says:

    When my friend went to the AG place she picked up the braided headband for me – I love it!
    I kind of like the curly ponytail and chic bun but I am not sure if I would get them.
    I really like the highlights though, i have tried to put highlights in my dolls hair before but they never seem to stay in and the AG ones with the clip look pretty good. For dolls with shorter hair however you would need to cut them, I am not sure if I would want to do that though and also what about dolls with curly hair? I think it would be cool if AG also made them in different hair colors such as natural colors like blond , then like a doll with brown hair could have a blond highlight.

  40. cute .

  41. Jessica says:

    well I have the chic bun, the braided headband, and the bright highligts set, and I like all of them. Yes, the bun is a bit big, but if you use it as a low bun (and have some bobby pins on hand) it works great and looks cute! The braided headband is hard to get on, but is also very cute. The highlights work great – well, anybody could put them in – and there are three of them which is kind of nice for me since I have three dolls so its like they are in a club with their highlighted hair.

  42. Jessica says:

    also, the highlights are REALLY long and super straight.