A Closer Look at Saige’s Tunic

Madelon picked up Saige’s Tunic at the AG store on Thursday and sent in some close up photos for us to enjoy.

Saige’s tunic is a pretty shade of blue with 3/4 sleeves that have a bit of elastic.

Her tunic is embroidered at the neck line and is a stiff cotton as opposed to a soft jersey knit.

The complete outfit including the tunic top, white jeans with yellow stitching and deep pink flats.

When the tunic box was opened, Kit dashed over and called first dibs on trying it on! It looks great with Kit’s pretty blue eyes.

The yellow stitching on the jeans matches the tunic.

In case you were wondering – the belt does not come off – it is sewn into the shirt in the back.

The American Girl tag on the back of the jeans.

Thanks so much Madelon for giving us a closer look at Saige’s outfit.





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  1. Thanks Madelon! Its great to know AG gave the effort to have actual embroidery.

  2. I love that! It is so cute!

  3. I really love it! Thank you Madelon! You take great photos, too.

  4. I would have liked if you could take the belt off.

  5. Phyllisa says:

    I like Saige’s new outfit. I like the embroidery and the detail on the jeans.
    For anyone wishing to get the look of embroidery on their clothes or their dolls, try dimensional

  6. You take great pictures! I wish ag would not retire Molly and Emily!

  7. The workmanship of the tunic really looks shoddy in the photo . The stitching doesn’t look professional and the belt doesn’t line up in back. To me, this does ‘t warrant the price they’re charging. !!!!! Just saying!!!

  8. StoryTeller says:

    It’s fairly cute, but I want to see it in person before deciding on it.

    Anyone else wonder why they chose pink flats instead of blue ones? Technically, they coordinate, but blue probably would have looked more complete. Hmmm.

  9. Jessica T says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m not sure I like this. Maybe I should plan a trip to see it in person!

  10. Adorable! How much does it cost? I want it now!

  11. Madelon says:

    Thank you! I think that the pink may coordinate with some of the other Fall looks.

  12. Thanks for the review! How does it look with Saige’s other outfits?

  13. Cute! I will have to get!

  14. Wow! This outfit is very cute! I am going to the AGP LA store today and plan on purchasing this outfit. :)

  15. cordelia says:

    Thank you for these photos, Madelon. The closeups, in particular, are really useful for those of us who are not able to see the new products for ourselves.

  16. I REALLY want that outfit! It’s so cute, and now I know it’s great quality!

  17. Megan!!!!!! says:


  18. It’s pretty but to be honest I don’t love it on Saige or with the belt now if the belt was removable this may be a different story.

  19. crazy4chrissa says:

    I LOVE IT!!

  20. Molly W. says:

    StoryTeller~I agree. The purple/pink ballet flats are a little…uncoordinated. It looks more like Saige slapped on a pair of shoes in a hurry than that American Girl designers spent time and effort to put together and coordinate them with the tunic and jeans.
    Just my two cents worth.
    And by the way, but nine year old girl goes on a picnic in WHITE jeans? My mom would never have gone for that….

  21. Kaitydoll says:

    So cute!

  22. Love the actual embroidery! That’s a major plus!

  23. No talk about Molly’s upcoming retirement???

  24. Evie – we have posted about that already – you may need to flip back through recent posts

  25. That outfit is so adorable!!!!!!! I completely adore it!!!!

  26. Thanks for the information. What a shame about the fit.

  27. Molly W. I’m comletely agree with you

  28. sabrina says:

    It’s pretty!

  29. sabrina says:

    Moccasins would have been more appropriate for this outfit, the pink flats are kind of ugly…