Madelon picked up Saige’s Tunic at the AG store on Thursday and sent in some close up photos for us to enjoy.

Saige’s tunic is a pretty shade of blue with 3/4 sleeves that have a bit of elastic.

Her tunic is embroidered at the neck line and is a stiff cotton as opposed to a soft jersey knit.

The complete outfit including the tunic top, white jeans with yellow stitching and deep pink flats.

When the tunic box was opened, Kit dashed over and called first dibs on trying it on! It looks great with Kit’s pretty blue eyes.

The yellow stitching on the jeans matches the tunic.

In case you were wondering – the belt does not come off – it is sewn into the shirt in the back.

The American Girl tag on the back of the jeans.

Thanks so much Madelon for giving us a closer look at Saige’s outfit.