So, the official name of Saige’s special occasion dress is the Sparkle dress but I call it Sparkly because that is just how it hit me the first time I saw it.  When we first saw pictures of this dress I was quite underwhelmed – I was really concerned about the quality of the fabric. Luckily when we saw it at the American Girl store, I was able to touch it and inspect the details a bit more and that really helped change my mind about it.

The Sparkle dress is what Saige wears to the Balloon Festival on her 10th birthday in her books. It consists of the taffeta dress, gold western style boots and a necklace. At first I thought the deep pink sash kind of clashed, but it has grown on me!

The gold “sparkle” is like an iron on transfer in a wavy design. The sash is attached at the sides and crosses over in the front. I am not sure about the placement because the waist seam almost looks as if it should be covered by the sash.

The best “surprise” of this outfit – it has a built in slip with a ruffle layer of tulle sewn in to give the skirt some volume! LOVE IT! These are the little things that make us happy AG. The dress fabric is not the yukky material AG used on Elizabeth’s meet dress – it has a nicer feel to it and not as much shine.

The gold dangly earrings do not come with Saige’s Sparkle dress, however, they do come with her accessory set and appear to be made to wear with the Sparkle Dress.

The Sparkle dress does come with a long silver necklace with a cactus flower charm. The necklace and charm ar silver and look equally good with her sweater outfit.

Another nice little attention to detail… the cactus flower pattern on Saige’s necklace is the same as the pattern on her gold Western style boots. 

At $30, the Sparkle dress set is a good American Girl value. I think the dress is well made and the boots and necklace complete the look nicely.

How do you like Saige’s Sparkle dress? Too pink? Not enough sparkle? Just right?