Doll Companies come and go, so do they make history? Here is a special look at a company many of you are familiar with by Diana.

In 2007 a new doll company emerged called Karito Kids.  They introduced 5 dolls which represented kids from different countries:  Gia (Italy), Lulu (Kenya), Pita (Mexico), Zoe(USA), Wan Ling (China). Each doll came with a book and was dressed in outfits that represented their countries.  I came across this company when they participated in the Atlanta Mart, where start-up companies introduce new merchandise to small businesses. Karito Kids was a small company with big ambitious but they had a good product and I felt a good concept.

I became a dealer for their dolls and they sold well for the first year at $99.  The company deviated from their original concept after launching their 6th doll named Piper from Australia. Instead of keeping with the 22 inch doll, they moved into manufacturing rag dolls.  Karito Kids also manufactured a less quality doll which was sold at Sam’s Club for around $25. Lara and Leza sold at Sam’s Club, compared to their better quality 22″ dolls which now included 6 dolls in total and were only sold to dealers or on Karito’s website. Karito Kids had to close their doors and their inventory was sold to Tuesday Morning in 2011, by then I had already stopped being a dealer for their dolls. Karito Kids company made a mark in doll history and the dolls are still sought after and their price has risen in the secondary market.  The original dolls were very well made with detail and quality wigged hair and a fantastic book unique to each doll.  Enjoy the following find:

Lara (brunette) and Leza (blonde) introduced by Sam’s Club for $25.

Found Leza at Goodwill for $4.92, I styled her hair. So how does she compare to the better quality Gia?  The hair is of less quality, it is more nylon texture and rooted, but it still can be styled.  Body built is the same, vinyl is good quality. Eyes are very nice and I see no quality issues, glass eyes with soft eyelashes. The better quality dolls all had good quality wigged hair.

A big difference, the back stitching is much better in the quality doll.  Leza is sewn up very sloppy.

Close up of both Leza and Gia

The original 6 dolls with their original outfits.  The outfits are very detailed and of good quality representing what kids in that country would wear.

Leza is joining the 6 original dolls and she is wearing one of the first outfits released.  When the 6 dolls were released they also released separate outfits for the dolls.  These outfits are very well made and included accessories and shoes.

Closer look: Piper, Wan Ling, Gia

Closer look: Lulu, Zoe, Piper

Closer look at the blondes: Leza, Zoe, Piper

Original outfits released for the 22″ dolls, Claudia (Gotz) is modeling one of the outfits.  These outfits ranged from $25 to $35. At Tuesday Morning they sold for $9.99

Leza with her new outfit.

I hope to someday find Lara, but for now this is a very unique and special collection.  In my opinion Karito Kids made history in the Doll World even if it was for a short time.