Grace loves to bake.  So do we!  This apron is perfect for her to wear in the bakery as she creates Halloween cookie recipes and fall treats.


To make it I used scraps of felt and ribbon…and my sewing machine.  If you don’t sew, you could make it with fabric glue too.


I sewed the pieces together before I cut out the shape of an apron.


Then I cut it out and sewed on ribbons for the ties.


It looks so adorable on her with her white shirt underneath…almost like it is part of the apron.


If you love candy corn as much as we do around here, you might like this fun printable that we used to create this tiny doll-sized garland.


You can download it FREE right HERE.


I used the printable to make treat gift tags for baked goods.  You can check that out and get a great recipe over on my blog.  I hand stamped the gift tag with my stamp from Expressionery.  Yay for custom things.


What is your favorite fall treat? What do you think Grace should make next?