This time of year is very special and hopefully brings happiness and joy to all.  So a beauty from the past has entered into this seasons miracles.  When the Carpatina Collection was started there were two basic play dolls: Isabella (blond with blue eyes) and Emma (Auburn reddish hair and green eyes).  These dolls in my opinion were extremely well made and had a beautiful and very nicely painted face.   As years passed Carpatina decided to changed the basic dolls and introduced two new ones (Zoe and Erin) and retired the old ones.  As I am a  fan of the Carpatina body style which came from the Just Pretend, slim lines dolls, the older dolls were more attractive to me.   Isabella , I found several months ago, in very good condition and she has been a part of our family for a while.  Emma was more difficult to find, but with patience and perseverance, I introduce you to….

Emma, a beauty from the past.  She is in mint condition and came from an adult collector who only displayed her. 

Emma walks the runway, to show you how well preserved she has been.   She is perfect!

So let’s reunite Emma with Isabella, after all it has been a long time since they have seen each other.  Notice they are the same height.

Close up of their faces, love the face paint.

I was lucky enough to also win the bid on this beautiful fairy dress by Carpatina.  I was surprised no one else bid and I was able to get it for $14.  This as with all Carpatina’s dress is exceptionally made.

The shoes are  simple slippers but fit perfectly.

Now to introduce Emma to her cousin Rowena. Notice the size difference not only in height but also in the head mold. The body seems to be the same size, but the head mold changes the height.

Here is a closer look, they are both beautiful as individual dolls that they are.  I would not change a thing!

And so Emma now completes my Carpatina Collection.

Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday, a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year from my doll family to yours!

Fun Facts:
1. Backdrop is from My Doll’s Life Play Scene and makes a perfect backdrop for play.
2. The bow and arrow set in Rowena’s hands came from the Disney Princess Brave Merida 16″ doll set.
3. All dolls are dressed in original Carpatina outfits.