Most of you DollDiaries readers know that I have two daughters. The younger one, Natalie (also known as Alex17), is the one who is really into American Girl dolls and other 18″ play dolls, but the older one, Megan is more of a fashion girl and loves her Barbie collection. She officially becomes a teenager tomorrow and all she wants to do for her birthday is go shopping with her friends.

Here is the birthday cake I made her..

Easy Barbie Birthday cake shopping bags

This was the easiest cake ever and as you can see, my frosting skills are less than fabulous. I just frosted a regular layer cake I made, added some silver sprinkles and found the cutest Barbie pen that has its own base for the topper. The pen is Barbie carrying a bunch of shopping bags and it was just too perfect not to get. I found it (along with some other designs) at A.C. Moore up by the cash registers for just a few dollars.

Now we did remove Barbie before Megan blew out the candles because Barbie was getting a little nervous in the “ring of fire” created by the lit candles.

Here are more Barbie cake ideas if you just happen to be looking for inspiration.