8 More Fun Things to Make for Your Dolls

Every Friday we feature really cool things you can make for your dolls by Karen (who also has her own site full of doll craft goodness), but recently I have found so many neat projects that I just had to share them with you. Whether you actually make them or use them as inspiration for your own creativity, these are just too cute to keep to myself.

8 fun things to make for dolls

  1. Make a mini table and chair set for American Girl Mini dolls or other 6″ dolls with these easy instructions from Miss Kristi
  2. Make clothes for dolls from discarded or inexpensive socks using these guidelines from TLC Family
  3. Make tiny treats for your dolls that you can actually eat – Emma’s Tiny Treats
  4. Recycle soda bottles to make a floating adventure for your Barbies – if  you have other water safe dolls you could try this with different size plastic bottles, too.
  5. Turn empty metal mint tins into the most adorable luggage for your dolls with this tutorial from Craftbits.
  6. Is your doll ready for a sleepover? Jen at 100Directions show us how to make doll sized sleeping bags.
  7. More mini purses made from empty plastic containers – the instructions are not in English but the photos are very good.
  8. And my favorite today is the most adorable mini tent for dolls and stuffed animals!! This is certainly a more advanced project, but that is the cutest tent ever! Get the instructions at SewMamaSew.

Have fun and get creative!! And, if you make any of these projects, feel free to show them off to us by emailing me the photo at share@dolldiaries.com.


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  1. firstie

  2. cool i’m going to try to make number 6 for my camping trip this summer

  3. cool

  4. awesome!! i am going to try numbers 1, 2, and 3!!!! i think number 3 is sooooooooo cute!!!

  5. can u do a how to make a hunger games outfit for ag dolls like when there in the battle the coat shirt and pants
    and how to make a ag doll hunger games mockingjay pin
    and how to make the hunger games books to please with pages and a spine

  6. Anastasia says:

    Number 2 is so smart! I would’ve never thought about doing that. : )

  7. R u supposed to make donuts 4 number 2?

  8. Oh wait I accedently clicked on the bottle 1, I’m going to go read the donut instructions now……………………………………………………………..:……………………..x,…….z XM…………………………………….. Xxx……..

  9. Ohhhahhhhh I can’t make them :(

  10. Hello!

    I have some pictures that I have had for a while of my dolls and I would love to share them. How can I email them to you?

  11. Sofie – of course! Email them to me at share@dolldiaries.com

  12. These are GREAT! I love all the crafts you post and Karen too! Such cute ideas. I feel a trip to the craft store coming!

  13. Char,
    should i buy a mini doll or save up for a 18”

  14. Maria- I have both, I have to say if you only have one 18 inch doll it isn’t very fun…. but multiple mini dolls is lot of fun! :)

  15. man, i wish i could make #8 but im not the best sewr

  16. Char, can u post or send me or try to find a link that’s like number 7 in English?

  17. i do have three 18′ dolls already but my friend has mini julie and she is adorable

  18. caroline says:

    i am going to try and make number 1 but regular ag doll sized!

  19. Pretty Irish AG says:

    By the way I got McKenna. If you want her, get her, Char. She looks so good in Kanani’s Party dress. BTW, Lanie’s Butterfly Outfit was Purchase with Purchase. While it looked cute in person, I didn’t buy it because I don’t need it anymore. It’s cute though

  20. my computer translates number7 automaticly

  21. Char, I’m sending the pictures now. Is there a limit to how many I can send and do they have to be a certain size?

  22. Sofie – I’d love it if the photos were 540 pixels wide and while there is no limit, I may only choose a few to post.

  23. I’ll see if I can figure out how to make the photos that size.

  24. You can use a variety of programs like picnik.com or picmonkey.com to resize them. If you can’t don’t worry – just send them to me and I will run them through my software.

  25. I cannot figure out how to make the pictures that size. I am doing it with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. I know there’s a way, but I can’t figure it out…so what should I do?

  26. Sofie – those programs will not resize the photos. Just email them to me and I will do it.

  27. Thank you. Sorry about that.

  28. No worries.

  29. The emailing failed for some reason and the pictures were not sent. Should I email them from my email?

  30. Sofie – you need to email them from your email and you can probably only send 1 or 2 photos per email. If you sent too many at once it will definitely fail.

  31. Did you get my email? I sent three because I could have sent up to five.

  32. Sofie – yes, I got them.

  33. YAY! Sorry about everything. :)

  34. Char, did u get my email question? It said or asked: can u post or send me back a link of number 7 in English?

  35. Chloe – there is a tool called Google translate that you can use. I suggest trying that.

  36. This is so cool! So glad you found these!

  37. So is that a website? (sorry in a little confuesded) or what and how do I get to it? Sorry if I sound strange asking this

  38. Just go to: http://translate.google.com and type in the website address

  39. Ok :)

  40. I am so going to make these! Yesterday I got my very first American Girl doll (Samantha)! I am SO happy, but she needs more things than what she has.

  41. Fun! I completely missed that #1 was MY CRAFT lol :)

    @ Caroline–Here is a link to the larger table and chairs set that I showed hot to make on my blog (for 18 inch sized dolls): http://misskristiscraftteachingdollblog.blogspot.com/2012/01/how-to-make-kitchen-for-18-inch-dolls_08.html

  42. Kristi – that is just too funny!

  43. Hey I saw number four on familyfun.com it’s a craft website for all ages