I love the 50s theme for this week.  This week wouldn’t be complete without a Sock Hop!  To make this sock hop special I made quick printables of a Jukebox and decorations that include records, funky glasses, a malt, and sock hop sign, and saddle shoes.  Those shoes had to come off!!

The Sock Hop was an informal sponsored dance at high schools typically held in the school’s own gym or cafeteria.   The term sock hop came about because dancers were required to remove their hard-soled shoes to protect the varnished floor of the gymnasium.  In subsequent decades, with the widespread popularity of sneakers and other types of indoors-only shoes, the practice of removing shoes was dropped and the term began to be applied more generally to any informal school dance.


For the jukebox I simply printed out the picture, cut it out, and using Aleene’s Tacky Glue stick, glued it to a piece of cardboard paper.  The cardboard edges were cut off.  I leaned my cutout along by back drop.  You could also take another piece of cardboard and angle and glue to the back to make its own stand.

The decorations were printed and cut out.  I used small magnets to attach to my backdrop.  Any kind of tape would work too.

Put some socks on those dolls, turn up the music, and have fun!

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