I am easily distracted! I was just folding a load of laundry when I came across this dress of Natalie’s. It is a little small, one of the tiers has come unstitched and someone got bright orange puff paint on it. Hmmm. But this material is TOO pretty to throw away – especially with all those layers in tact. So…

Exhibit A – Gorgeous dress. Orange puff paint. Ruffle coming off.

Not even 5 minutes and NO SEWING later – we have an adorable tiered skirt. This is the top of the dress. I cut off the straps, cut under the lowest ruffle, added two pieces of self stick velcro, and…

Bam! Lauryce has a pretty new skirt! I cut another piece of the fabric to make her headband, she borrowed the shirt from Corolle Les Cheries Camille and the shoes are from Tipi’s pajama set.

The moral of the story… think before you toss! And always check with your parents before you go cutting up human clothes. But with a little creativity, your dolls can have new clothes for FREE.

I made a skirt for American Girl (MyAG #3) from the bottom tier of the dress so the hem was already done. Same closure in the back – self-adhesive velcro. 

What a cute sister outfit!