40 Shades of Green Reader Photo Gallery

Congratulations to our March Reader Photo Event Winners!! Ginger – Irish Dance Party; Jessica – 40 Shades of Dolls; Sherie – Celtic Bliss; Lisa – Waiting for my Ship; and Josette – We Caught a Leprechaun. Thanks to all who entered! Look for a new reader photo contest in April.

In order to make it easy for us to keep questions about the Reader Photo event for this month and the entries easy to comment on, I am creating this page separately to show off all the entries in the 40 Shades of Green Reader Photo Event. For entry information and the entry form, go to THIS POST and then come back here to see all the entries.

Click on the photos to view them full size and to leave a friendly comment.

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  1. So cute!
    P.s. Firstie!!! 😀

  2. awsome and secondie

  3. thidie!(and cute=^)

  4. Is mine posted yet? Also, the leprechaun pic is SO creative! Yay to whoever posted it.

  5. Rose – yours has been posted.

  6. Thanks!!

  7. what I did not post that

  8. if its the race one its mine :-)

  9. agisthebest says:


  10. agisthebest says:


  11. ????? Maybe there is two Roses.

  12. Char! I sent in 2 (1 today and 1 yesterday ) and I don’t see them. Do you know why?

  13. Lauren – I know there are a bunch in my inbox but I know the one you sent in yesterday did not have a description so I wasn’t sure if it was a complete entry or not.

  14. entering for fun! mine is about Purim! please do not hesitate to ask me questions!

  15. Char, can I do something with a barbie? I still have a lot of ags.

  16. Barbie or any dolls are invited to join in the fun.

  17. Ok thanks :-)

  18. I sent in 1 today to share at dolldiaries one because I’m on my ipod

  19. I got it – just haven’t had a chance to post it yet.

  20. Ok I didn’t know if u checked that every night or not :-)

  21. Chloe I usually check them in the morning and again late afternoon. I will be posting them in a few minutes.

  22. Is that Marie-Grace picture a custom dress or a color change from photoshop

  23. Josette says:

    Hope I did this right lol

  24. You did – I just have not updated today’s entries yet – as I have not been at my computer all day.

  25. cool

  26. I hope mine from yesterday’s up soon :/)

  27. I posted a St. Patty’s Day video featuring my Springfield girls on YouTube.

  28. Hi char, do I still have chances on sending pics? I have about 5 pics
    is that okay?
    Cute pics everyone

  29. Natalia – yes, you sure have time to send in photos!

  30. Can I still enter

  31. Yes – you have until midnight Saturday night to get your entry in.

  32. Char is there a craft today?

  33. Chloe – yes there is – it will be posted later this morning – I have a few things I have to do first.

  34. Who won?

  35. Caitlin – I have two more entries to post, then Sunday Reader photos, and then I will pick the winners. It may be this evening.

  36. Char do u know what time you’ll announce it around?

  37. We just drew the winners a few minutes ago…. posting shortly….