The dolls are into Caroline’s closet today.  They are taking turns trying on Caroline Travel Outfit with the Spencer Jacket and Hat.  This outfit is inspired by clothing that was popular in the early 1800’s.  It is full of fun details from the design of the jacket, to the matching felt hat, to the delicate pattern on the dress.

Let’s take a closer look at the 4 dolls and you decide who wore it best!

1. Saige (GOTY 2013)

Saige’s curls come cascading out of her hat.  They are lovely with the style of the outfit.

Her blue eyes stand out and shine against the red.

But what about her red hair against the red outfit?  Does it compliment or clash?

2. Eliza from Madame Alexander

Eliza’s brown eyes and brown hair are soft and sweet against the bold red.

The coloring on her lips and cheeks seem to be accentuated by the richness of the red in the jacket and hat.  Eliza has a young look.  Does she look sweetly dressed or over dressed for her age?

3. Grace (GOTY 2015)

Grace has bright eyes and blush lips that compliment the red in the jacket.

Her smooth shiny hair looks so lovely with the hat.

Does she dress up well in historic clothing or should she just stick to modern clothes?

4. Caroline (AG BeForever)

This is Caroline’s dress and it shows!  Her coloring is nice against the soft red.


Her ringlets are beautiful with her hat. 

Are her her aqua eyes and golden hair striking or washed out next to the bold red?  


What do you think.  Who wore it best?

  1. Saige  
  2. Eliza   
  3. Grace  
  4. Caroline

Each doll brought a little bit of a different look to Caroline’s Travel Outfit, Spencer Jacket and Hat.  I never get tired of all the details in the historical outfits!