Good morning! It has been a while since we have done a 4 Dolls 1 Outfit post – it’s time I started putting them back on the schedule! Today we are going to look at the Adora Friends Meet Outfit. 

Adora Friends Meet Outfit

This is Adora Friends Jasmine in the outfit she arrived in. It is a green and white tunic style top with buttons and ruffles. It velcros up the back. The pants are stretchy “denim” capris and the thing I like best about them is that they are lined – no chance for dye transfer! And her shoes are a fun slip on clog with tassle trim and a thick sole. The outfit is very well made and easy to get on and off of Jasmine.

Adora Friends Meet Outfit fits American Girl Dolls

Jasmine’s friend Sonali comes over and immediately compliments Jasmine on her outfit. Sonali is wearing the outfit our new Our Generation doll Lana came it – it has to be one of my favorites from OG to date. 

Adora Friends Meet Outfit fits American Girl Dolls

How do you think it looks on Sonali? I think it is adorable and it fits very nicely even though Jasmine is quite a bit thinner than Sonali – although they both are soft bodied dolls.  I had no problem getting any of the items on Sonali and Barksee seems to approve.

Adora Friends Meet Outfit fits Our Generation Dolls

Speaking of Our Generation dolls – here is Our Generation Lana modeling Jasmine’s outfit. Again, it fits her perfectly – right down to the shoes – and I love how it compliments her green eyes so nicely. Lana is also a soft bodied 18″ doll.

Adora Friends Meet Outfit fits Gotz dolls

Hannah, from Gotz, is an 18″ doll who does not have a soft body. She has an all vinyl body and is about the same size as Jasmine – maybe just a teeeeeny bit more slender. Again, everything  fits PERFECTLY!

I was actually quite surprised that this outfit was so versatile and can fit so many dolls with such ease – and it looks great on all of them!

Adora Friends Meet Outfit

After the photo shoot the girls got together with Barksee for one more photo. Our Generation Lana (or Ariel as Natalie has renamed her) is wearing a Springfield dress and Madame Alexander shoes, American Girl Sonali is wearing Our Generation Lana’s outfit, Adora Jasmine is in her meet outfit, and Gotz doll Hannah is rocking her own funky style with an old Adora top, basic black leggings and Silly Monkey boots.

Also in this post:

  • Backdrop: American Doll Room
  • Table & Chairs: The Queen’s Treasures
  • Fruit bowl: TJMaxx (it was a set of three in the kitchen dept)
  • Fruit: Our Generation 

So, who do you think wears the outfit best?