This week at Doll Diaries is exciting because we are partnering up with an awesome craft company to create lots of DIY projects that you can do for your dolls.  The company of the week is Polyform, the manufacturers of Sculpey Clay, Bake Shop Clay and Pluffy too.

To kick off the vast array of project ideas that will be coming your way, I am sharing a really easy and fun project…a holiday treat for your doll sized pets.  I used Bake Shop clay to make our dolls’ pet eskimo dog a holiday bone.  You will need the following materials:

To make the bone, follow these directions:

  1. Roll the brown clay in your hands until it is soft enough to form a dog bone shape, molding with your fingers.
  2. Have a grown up bake the bone on a cookie sheet in the oven, following the directions on the packaging.
  3. Tie a bow with red embroidery floss and then glue it to the baked bone and attach a button.

Check back on Doll Diaries all week long for lots of great projects using Polyform projects.  You can find the clay at your local craft stores.  I recommend the Bake Shop for kids and Sculpey for grown ups (although I really love the Bake Shop myself).  Maybe I am just a big kid.  Here is Snowy, our eskimo dog with Mackenna celebrating the season.

Happy Playing With Clay,