Today I have 3 headband ideas for you.  These headbands are modeled on baby dolls but they are adorable on any doll and even fun for you!

Baby Doll Hairbows-3

Mix and match the supplies to get different looks!  You will be amazed that even by trying different types of fabrics you will really change the look of the headbands!


Pick one for the base:

  • fabric
  • felt
  • flowers

Doll Headbands-4

Choose an elastic:

  • elastic chord
  • elastic trim
  • fold over elastic (Sold as headbands or in packages in the craft or sewing section.)

Doll Headbands-3

Choose an embellishment:

  • jewels
  • sequins
  • buttons

Doll Headbands-5

Flower Power

First up Bitty Baby is modeling Flower Power.

Baby Doll Hairbows-21

To get this look I used a soft fold over elastic, artificial flowers, and buttons.

You can get the fold-over elastic in the craft or sewing section but you can also buy it in the hair section as a headband.  If you keep an eye out for it you can sometimes get a great deal.   My elastic came from the dollar store, sold as a headband in a pack of 6.  I cut it and resized it for Bitty Baby.

Doll Headbands-13

The look of this headband can really change depending on the flowers you use and the colors you combine.

Baby Doll Hairbows-20

Julie, American Girls’ 70’s doll could wear this style of headband really well in bright colors!

Baby Doll Hairbows-19

Lovely Layers

Next Chloe is modeling a bright and fun version of Lovely Layers.

Baby Doll Hairbows-26

To get this look I used a soft fold-over elastic, felt and sequins.

You can use any kind of fabric or embellishments for this flower.

This headband is so simple to make.

I folded my felt into three layers and cut a circle-ish shape out.

Leave one circle the original shape.  Trim around the outside of the next circle making it slightly smaller than the first.  Trim the last one even more to shrink it down to the smallest circle.  Add an embellishment to the center.

Doll Headbands-6

Add one circle flower or many to get the look you want.

Doll Headbands-14

I made this headband wild and fun for Bitty Twin but it can be made as a simple and elegant headband for dolls.

Baby Doll Hairbows-14

Vary the colors you use, the size of the flowers and the width of the elastic to get a different look.  This headband would be lovely made to match an elegant dress to complete a holiday outfit.

Baby Doll Hairbows-15

Full Fabric Blooms

This sweet baby doll is modeling the full fabric booms headband.

Baby Doll Hairbows-23

To get this look I used scraps of fabric from an old dress, lace elastic, and a jewel.

You can use any kind of fabric and embellishments for this flower.

This is a favorite of mine!

Cut 4 similar circles and 1 smaller circle.  You can cut this out of any kind of fabric.

Doll Headbands-7

Fold a circle into quarters.

Doll Headbands-8

Glue the center of the folded circle to the center of the smallest circle.  You may need a little glue in the layers of the folds near the center.

Doll Headbands-10

Fold the remaining 3 and glue them on the smaller circle.

Doll Headbands-11

Add an embellishment to the center.  I used a jewel.

Doll Headbands-15

This one is really fun to make out of different types of fabrics.  It changes how full the flower is an how much the edges fray.

Doll Headbands

Experiment to get the look you want.  Depending on the size of the bloom and the type of elastic it will really change it up.  These headbands are lovely made out of a sheer fabric.

Baby Doll Hairbows-12

Depending on what you have on hand you can make a few of these headbands to match some of your doll outfits or even make some for you!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

Play, create, play, create…repeat! 


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