The dolls are doing some clothes swapping today with Rebecca’s School Outfit.

Rebecca has honey-brown hair and hazel eyes so we are mixing it up and trying her outfit on 3 dolls with different hair and eye colors.

Rebecca’s School Set

  • sweater
  • skirt and attached underwaist
  • boots
  • white stockings (not pictured)
  • blue hair bow (not pictured)


Saige’s auburn hair contrasts with the blue and black outfit.  Do you like the way the color stands out?


How does Sophia weigh in with her blond hair and blue eyes?


Do you think Ivy’s black hair is a perfect match or boring?

Who wears Rebecca’s School Outfit best?  Was it Saige with her auburn hair?  How about Sophia with blond hair and blue eyes?  Is Ivy’s black hair a perfect match?

Which is your favorite combo?