What an adventure to attend the 2014 Toy Fair!  A time to meet manufactures and their new products for our “Doll World” and make new friends, but as with all adventures it does come to an end and time to go home.  But wait the fun is not over!  We met a lot of friends and brought home several new finds….so let’s take a fun train trip home!

Oh my!  Maudlynne is coming home, a wonderful gift from Jason from Tonner Toys.  She has found Olaf on the train, so she sneaks up behind him.   “Who am I? Olaf”  said Maudlynne.   What is new for the 2014 Maudlynne collection will be a wonderful selection of outfits, I can not wait!   She will also have a not so spooky addition.

Olaf tried to guess…is it Anna?…is it  Elsa?   No, No said Maudlynne, it is me your new friend Maudlynne.

Olaf was so happy to make a new friend.  Maudlynne had to give him a kiss. 

and of course a hug, at Olaf’s request.

The light was so bright, Olaf needed his hat.   Maudlynne can be posed in so many ways, there is nothing she can not do.

Who is this cutie?  Anna from Gotz Happy Kidz is hugging her doggie who she brought all the way from England. 

Maudlynne saw the doggie and wanted to make friends with Anna.  Hi said Maudlynne, why are you on this train? Anna replied, the nice lady is taking me to my new home.  Anna is wearing a new outfit from the Journey Girl Collection.  There are three new outfits found at Toys R Us NYC.

May I play with your doggie?  Yes said Anna, her name is “Mums”  because she does not bark.

Maudlynne and Anna are now friends forever!

Anna found Sophie quietly sitting next to the train window.  She wondered what could be so interesting? 

A closer look at Anna’s blue eyes and child like expression.

Anna had to look out the window.  Wow look at all that snow, will it go away she wondered.

It was not long before Sophie found Olaf.  Another hug for Olaf, he sure is a lucky fellow.  Sophie is also traveling all the way from England, she is a Gotz Happy Kidz doll.

It was time for Anna to play with Olaf.  She was fixing his hat, when he asked for a hug.

A hug for Olaf from Anna.  This reminds Anna of her days in England when she built a snowman.

The fun train trip could not end without a special hug from Astor, from Tonner Toys.  She is truly a NYC Girl, she comes from FOA Schwarz and loves the train ride with Olaf.

We all made it home safely, and ready to start many adventures. 

Fun Facts:
1. Olaf is from the Disney Frozen collection and found at the NYC Disney store.  He talks and we had a fun time listening to all his expressions.
2. Anna and Sophie are Gotz Happy Kidz, you can order them from My Doll Best Friend in the UK.  (http://www.mydollbestfriend.co.uk/catalog/dolls-gotz-happy-kidz-hannah-precious-c-3_10.html)
3. The train ride was so smooth that all the pictures were taken as the train was moving.
4.  Tonner Maudlynne Doll and City Girl can be found at  http://www.tonnerdoll.com/shop-collections