What an exciting morning! The AG Atlanta store was full,  but we got there early and were one of the first to  get inside.   Isabelle’s Collection is very nice but I was disappointed in that there was no discount savings for purchasing the “Starter Collection”, therefore I decided to just pick an choose what I liked.   This was my favorite outfit….

This is the “Performance Set”, it bring the ballerina slippers and the Tiara. Since I have two Lanie, I decided one of them would become my ballerina/dancer.   So up her hair went and into the dance studio.

Here is a close up of Lanie in the Performance Set.  The dance studio mirror is from Pottery Barns Kids, it was on sale throughout Christmas and since I knew that Isabelle’s collection dealt with dancing I purchased it.

I am not certain that Isabelle will join us, at least not immediately, but Lanie will enjoy the many outfits from her collection.

What do you think?  Can Lanie become a dancer?