A few of our readers have asked if we are going to do any back to school crafts for the dolls. We have done quite a few in the past so I have collected my 10 favorite back to school crafts and activities for dolls into one post for you.

10 Back to School Crafts and Printables for Dolls

1. Print and make doll sized folders and a school ID

2. Make a doll classroom backdrop

3. Printable school paper for dolls

4. Show your school spirit and make doll sized school posters

5. Make a school lunch tote for your dolls

6. Printable teacher letter and school schedule

7. ย Make a doll school locker out of an American Girl doll box

8. Printable doll sized worksheets

9.ย Make a Duck Tape insulated lunch bag for dolls

10. Craft a Duck Tape backpack for dolls

Now your dolls can go back to school with all the essentials – and the best part is that you probably have most of the supplies you need already.

Do you have a favorite back to school craft for dolls?