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10 Back to School Crafts and Printables for Dolls

10 Back to School Crafts and Activities for Dolls

A few of our readers have asked if we are going to do any back to school crafts for the dolls. We have done quite a few in the past so I have collected my 10 favorite back to school crafts and activities for dolls into one post for you. 1. Print and make doll [...]


Photostory – An Afternoon on the Prairie

This is a guest photo story from Linda. *** It was a beautiful day on the prairie when Mary said ” Laura, get ready to go get potatoes for diner. It’s a surprise for Ma and Pa.” After Mary fixed baby Carrie’s bottle they were off. Mary was counting the potatoes when she asked Laura what she was [...]


Sunday Showcase for August 31

I hope everyone has had a great week! I can’t believe summer is over and we go back to regular schedules, afterschool activities and homework on Tuesday! Are you looking forward to anything new this fall? I am. I am so excited that I am going to be teaching a few hours a week again. [...]

BeForever trunk

More Photos from the BeForever Launch

Are you ready for a REALLY long post? I have a whole bunch more photos to upload from our visit to AGDC this week and if I don’t just get them uploaded today, it may never happen.  If you are looking for the Samantha photos look here and Addy’s photos are here and the girl [...]


Doll Diaries Picks for the Week Ending August 30

Good morning!! The doll world is definitely still buzzing about the BeForever launch, and I still have more photos to post, but first I had to get caught up on my reading for the week and want to share my picks with you. Clarisse is ready to go back to school and she will definitely [...]

Three American Girl Addy Dolls

American Girl BeForever Debut Photos – Addy

I really need to perfect my photo taking process when I go to AG – I always think I’m taking a ton of photos, then I get home and realize I forgot to take certain photos. This definitely happened at the BeForever debut. I didn’t get all the Addy photos I needed to get, but [...]

American Girl Samantha's High Strap Boots

Samantha’s High Strap Boots

I have to admit, when I first saw the high strap boots that are featured as part of Samantha’s Frilly Frock outfit I could not decide if I liked them or not. They have become a point of fascination and I just had to go look for myself how historically accurate they are. Right on [...]

American Girl Kit inspired BeForever outfit for girls

New Inspired by BeForever Outfits for Girls at American Girl

I think my biggest disappointment at the BeForever debut yesterday was coming to the realization that my own daughters are too old to wear the fabulous new Inspired by BeForever line of American Girl clothes for girls!! The new pieces are fabulous! Each BeForever character has an outfit for girls that was inspired by her [...]

American Girl BeForever Samantha Collection

American Girl BeForever Samantha Debut Photos

As most of you know, my daughters and I went to the American Girl store this morning for the BeForever debut. I took so many photos that I don’t really even know where to start, so I figured Samantha would be a good place. Samantha was one of the original three American Girl dolls introduced [...]

American Girl BeForever Samantha

BeForever Debut at AGDC Part 1

So we just got back from the BeForever debut at AGDC (a big shout out to all the fabulous fans we got to chat with today!!) and my initial reaction is that AG did a GREAT job with this release. Knowing full well that people by nature are resistant to change and that you will [...]

Doll Sized Crafting Fun with Aleene's

Doll Sized Crafting Fun with Aleene’s

While we are on our way to the Beforever debut at American Girl DC, here is another  End of Summer Bash post! One thing we learned this summer is that if it needs to stick, then Aleene’s makes a product that will do the job!  I’ve rounded up some of my favorite projects from Camp [...]


Photostory – At the Farmer’s Market

Enjoy this end of summer photostory by Pauline. *** Robby has been patiently waiting all day for customers. So much stuff to buy! Candy apples, jam, berries, flowers and bread! First customer ! Yay! “Sophie , how may I help you?” “Could I interested you in some organic mixed berry jam?” “I’ll just buy these [...]

Doll Sized Crafting Fun with Coats and Clark

Doll Sized Crafting Fun with Coats and Clark

What could be better than fabric, phoomph, yarn and some embroidery floss? Not much when it comes to making lots of neat things for your dolls! As part of the End of Summer Bash for Camp Doll Diaries, today we are highlighting some of our favorite projects featuring products from Coats and Clark. 1. Make [...]

American Girl Beforever Group

Samantha’s New Collection and the BeForever Launch

Who is excited to see everything American Girl has been working on recently? The big debut of the BeForever line is tomorrow and we can’t wait! We are going to the DC store for the event and will take lots of photos.  American Girl released a video introducing the Beforever line and giving us a [...]

Doll Sized Crafting Fun with Sculpey

Doll Sized Crafting Fun with Sculpey

So, I came to the conclusion this summer that you can make just about anything for dolls using Sculpey clay! Take a look at some of my favorite Doll Diaries staff projects: 1. Sculpey Glow in the Dark Clay makes such cute fireflies 2. Make realistic looking picnic fare for your dolls  3. Mmmm Sushi [...]

Doll Sized Crafting Fun with Kunin Felt

Doll Sized Crafting Fun with Kunin Felt

As we continue on our End of Summer Bash week at Camp Doll Diaries, highlighting all the awesome projects we made this summer thanks to our amazing sponsors, let’s take a look at Kunin Felt!  Kunin Felt comes in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes. Just look at your neighborhood craft store like Joann [...]